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Company Object

The  transaction it has been proposed and studied follows theese points of interest:

  • Opens the door to an investment area that VC Srl has seen till today not to participate (medium/small companies).
  • Opens the door to investment areas hardly one can attack by individual entrepreneurs with enterprise risk abatement.
  • Allows you to get in touch with new entrepreneurial realities that may be involved in future expansion projects of the holding company and shareholders entrepreneurs.

The organisational model

To better define plans and objectives, the VENTURE CAPITAL srl is structured into five business units, each dedicated to specific sectors of activity:

The object of the company activity is:
Design, construction, renovation, renewal and reorganization repairing immovable property, construction of residential and administrative buildings, and other business activities buildings, buying and selling of real estate, renting of real estate, real estate management, consulting, advertising activities, information and marketing, commercial representation and intermediation, as well as any other activity not prohibited by law. The company could also partecipate and invest in other companies domestic or abroad, ranging in various sectors such as commercial, industrial, financial, insurance services, etc.

The mission
  • Bank
  • The insurance sector
  • Real estate
  • Equipment Rent
  • The production and/or industrial
  • The financial investment

The business units have a VC srl, the first four operating as sub-holding with its own management and Government structures, la fifth as a management tool.

 The business idea is to be a company that make Private Equity operations acting on small and medium - sized companies in certain geographical areas. Venture Capital is a Holding Company in “closed partecipation”. It has been desired by professional investors and Italian entrepreneurs. It Is the vehicle to select active participations in international independent  and high potential companies, operating in the services sector, whose performance have as the following objects:

  • Safeguard the wealth built by previous entrepreneurial class
  • Support corporate finance in a dynamic and innovative way
  • Search for investments in companies operating in niche sectors and emerging sectors

The VC narrows his selection of opportunities to companies with proven professional excellence and the accession of entrepreneurs and professionals, able to guide the social and ethical business approach and be the guarantor of the Intangible Asset appreciation of holdings.


VENTURE CAPITAL S.R.L. and individual companies in the Group wanted to have strict self-regulatory standards for a proper, prudent and healty management of resources;

This will ensure the proper tranquility to investors and Partners that time to time  comes  to be in relationship with the Group companies.

To achieve this purpose VC SRL. has defined precise guide lines,forcing their respect:

  • requirement for the Holding to maintain its cash liquidity equal in minimum to 25% of the share capital.
  • prohibition to issue guarantees, sureties, pledges and loans except to subsidiaries companies, always without prejudice to the above limit.
  • obligation to invest the money in government bonds, bonds with minimum rating “A, capitalization policies with rating certificate and similar products” , not to cumulate the risk in financial management to that of course taken by VC SRL.