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Venture Capital Ltd was founded in 2012 and later in 2019 increased its activity and properties as a result of incorporation made with a Corporate Rent Ltd - a Company that already existed on the market from 2007 with the main activity of renting of cars, ships and work vehicles, providing 360° services of management of corporate fleets by fully offering innovative products and services to support the mobility for each necessity of the Business.

Thanks to the gained consolidated experience in the section of vehicle fleets management, the Company gives innovative and flexible solutions, based on every Client’s needs, and offers a wide range of products and services, including counseling and Long-term Rental.

Long-term rental

The Long-term rental is a solution for actively working professionals. Choosing a Long-term rental means to be able to concentrate yourself on your work, while qualified experts take care of the car.The long-term rental, as well as the solutions for the working professionals, has many advantages. The agreement, with a fixed monthly payment, includes: rent of a vehicle for a determined period of time and kilometers distance; the possibility to choose between series of additional services such as maintenance, assistance.

The activity is addressed mainly to professionals and Small and medium businesses which intend to avail the advantages of the Long-term rental services that the Company could offer.
Advantages and services


  • Fixed and planned costs for your vehicle that include the insurance and all services for guarantee your daily mobility.

  • No capital immobilization because the monthly payment includes the entire vehicle financing.

  • Counseling on all management and optimization processes of your vehicle or your fleets, and of their costs.

  • Zeroing of time and resources for vehicle management and administrative proceedings.

  • No obligation and preoccupation for you to sell your used car.

  • Possibility to buy the vehicle on the expiration of the agreement, on an advantageous price for you and your family.

  • Certain responses of your needs, thanks to a dedicated Customer Service.


Financial: advanced payment and capital immobilization for purchase of the vehicle, payment of the property tax and services costs related to the vehicle maintenance;

Management: the possibility of providing an “all inclusive” package of services and fixed monthly payment, so that it could be eliminated the risk of unplanned expenses and could be facilitated the cost planning related to the vehicle maintenance;

Administrative: all the activities - both in the office and on the road, are outsourced;

Economical: the possibility to buy from a big operator, offers you an access to extremely competitive prices of the vehicles, insurance, management and financing.


The vehicle is managed by Venture Capital for the entire term of the contract, which includes all the problems related to the registration, entry into service, insurance, property tax, maintenance, management of insurance damages.

After expiration of the agreement’s term Venture Capital occupies with reselling of the used car, taking all the relative risks; offers the possibility of acquisition of the vehicle to all of its clients and users, except to employees of the Companies – clients and their relatives, on costs and conditions that are absolutely unique and advantageous.


The park Cars, Work vehicles and capital goods, held by Venture Capital, will be managed in the headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.Every project for buying/investing that is considered suitable will pass to the Board of Directors for the operational phase.

Scope of activity
Apart from the Long-term rental (LTR), which is Prevailing core business, Venture Capital has activity in buying shares and investments in international companies which are working in various of sectors such as commercial, industrial, financial, insurance, services etc.