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Risk sharing
and investment area
Operational Structure
hypothesis for the
    The operating structure
    will be very slim and undertaking.
  • The investment projects will be identified and written in business plan by the Chief Executive of VC srl.
  • The investment projects as above will be evaluated by the INVESTEMENT COMMITTEE consists of all the SHAREHOLDERS who will study and will decide whether or not the investment with a qualified majority.
  • The investment project will be eligible to The Board of Directors for the operational phase.



The VC srl, a company of holdings in medium/small-sized companies, will be owned by entrepreneurs and professionals as well as by companies interested in the projects identified and appointed by the current  VC shareholders.

Delimit the area of interest is important both for managerial reasons than for marketing reasons and impact on the concerned territories.

The interest of entrepreneurs involved is determined by the entrepreneurial risk reduction in participation in developmet sectors currently suffering but representatives excellent investment opportunity with great potential of appreciation - growth -development and great attention to new business facing overbearingly on the scene for the next entrepreneurial future.

Please note that the purpose is to intervene in those realities that require new finance indicatively up to 1 million euros.

Therefore assuming an initial capital of 3 million and the use of leverage for up to 2 million euros, here's the finance for 5 operations.